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ARISE observation network in Europe and Africa

ARISE will integrate:

  • the European part of the infrasound network of the International Monitoring System (IMS) developed for verification of the CTBT. This international network consists of very sensitive acoustic arrays distributed uniformly around the globe. These acoustic arrays measure atmospheric waves and additional parameters related to atmospheric dynamics. The network is completed by national infrasound stations,
  • the European part of the NDACC. This international network performs LIDAR measurements of the temperature, ozone and aerosol concentration in the stratosphere and mesosphere. It also performs associated wind measurements that contribute to the study of atmospheric dynamics (e.g., planetary and gravity waves, sudden stratospheric warming events),
  • complementary data would also be collected from:
    • infrasound stations located near active volcanoes (e.g. Italy, Iceland) for volcanic source studies,
    • IMS infrasound stations located in low-latitude regions (Africa) where thunderstorm activity is the most intense,
    • ionospheric arrays to determine the effect of atmospheric disturbances in near Earth Space, satellite data