ARISE Project

The ARISE2 project is a collaborative infrastructure Design Study project (2015-2018) funded by the H2020 European Commission. It includes 24 institutes and universities, belonging to 10 European member states, 3 associated countries, 1 international organization and 3 African countries.


Infrasound IMS network and European infrasound network (atmospheric waves and inversions in the stratosphere).

LIDAR of the NDACC network (stratospheric wind and temperature).

The project will also use complementary stations including radars, wind radiometers and ionospheric sounders. It also use satellite observations.


ARISE proposes to provide a new 3D image of atmospheric disturbances in the troposphere, stratosphere and mesosphere. It includes infrasonic disturbances from volcanoes, thunderstorms, cyclones, up to large scale atmospheric waves as tides and planetary waves with unprecedented spatiotemporal resolution.


ARISE measurements will be used for improving stratosphere-resolving climate and weather forecasting models, for monitoring middle atmosphere climate, for civil applications related to monitoring of naturals hazards such as distant non instrumented volcanoes.

Baumgarten and Fritts JGR, 2014


ARISE2 Meeting in Hamburg, Germany 14 -16 May 2018, (Optional: Committee on 17 May)

General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) in Vienna 8-13 April 2018.

The session “Infrasound, acoustic-gravity waves, and atmospheric dynamics” aims at covering all aspects of the study of infrasound and acoustic-gravity waves. It will also focus on the ARISE project which offers a unique opportunity to better understand interactions between atmospheric layers from the troposphere to the thermosphere and the influence of large scale waves on the atmospheric dynamics.


2-6 October 2017

Fourth ARISE Workshop at the Reunion Island ARISE2 Workshop and GRIF-RUN 2017

6-10 March 2017

Third ARISE Workshop at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Prague (CZ)

5-9 September 2016

Second ARISE Workshop at Andoya Space Center (NO)

5-9 October 2015

ARISE2 Kick-off meeting, Collioure, France