ARISE Project

The ARISE project is a collaborative infrastructure Design Study project funded by the FP7 European Commission under the Capacities Programme.

It started in January 2012 and its duration will be three years.


Infrasound network of CTBTO

LIDAR of the NDACC network

Airglow observations of the NDMC network

The project will also use national stations/networks and satellite observations.

Infrasonic disturbances, thunderstorms, cyclones,tides and planetary wave


ARISE proposes to provide a new 3D image of atmospheric disturbances from infrasonic disturbances as volcanoes, thunderstorms, cyclones, up to large scale atmospheric waves as tides and planetary waves with unprecedented spatiotemporal resolution.


ARISE measurements will be used for improving stratosphere-resolving climate models, for monitoring middle atmosphere climate, for civil applications related to monitoring of naturals hazards.


3rd ARISE workshop in Bavaria, Germany in December 2014

Opening of the ARISE Data Centre demonstrator (coming soon)


25-28 March 2014

Second ARISE Workshop at University of Florence

3-5 June 2013

ARISE training school at OHP

volcano eruption
February 25, 2013

Eruptions of Mt Etna

Meteorite Russia
February 15, 2013

Meteor explosion over Ural mountains

January 2013

Major Sudden Stratospheric Warming