Infrasonic disturbances, thunderstorms, cyclones,tides and planetary wave
Dynamics of the troposphere-stratosphere-mesoshere exchanges

The infrastructure extends across Europe and outlying regions, including polar and equatorial regions. Atmospheric waves play a key role in atmospheric mixing and global circulation in the stratosphere and mesosphere. Planetary waves can lead to sudden stratospheric warming while gravity waves generate predictable tropical oscillations of mean wind, which can lead to enhanced predictability of climate.
The project brings together experimentalists and theorists to exploit the full scientific potential of the station networks for imaging atmospheric dynamics and define advanced data products for the future ARISE data base.

Example of ARISE advanced product

Comparison of temperature profiles at OHP
Comparison of temperature profiles at the Observatoire de Haute-Provence in January 2013.
Satellite in grey, lidar in red, airglow (blue point) and ECMWF analysis.

The number of recent scientific publications reflects the growing interest of the scientific community for challenging issues related to the atmospheric dynamics.