ARISE meetings

Thanks to the ARISE support by the French MRSEI ANR program, the following ARISE meetings were organized to ensure the project continuation:

  • January 24-25, 2019 : Paris (France), organized by Versailles University (UVSQ) and CEA
  • April 10, 2019 Vienna (Austria) during the EGU2019 meeting
  • June 5-6, 2019 Budapest (Hungaria) organized by CSFK
  • September 10-11 Paris (France) organized by Versailles University (UVSQ) and CEA


ARISE2 General Assembly meeting Hamburg general assembly and workshop

ARISE2 workshop Hamburg

The final ARISE2 workshop was hosted by BGR in Hamburg from 14 to 17 May 2018. The event attracted 43 registered attendees. During the first days of the workshop, scientific presentations highlighted ARISE2 and related research, services and impacts in relation to ARISE2. The workshop was followed by a General Assembly meeting. WP presentations were given by WP leaders along with a demonstration of the ARISE2 portal. The final morning was focused on the ARISE strategy.

ARISE2 workshop Hamburg

ARISE2 Workshop and GRIF-RUN 2017

ARISE2 workshop Forum Reunion Island

Geophysical Research Infrastructures Forum Reunion Island 2-6 October 2017

During the first day, scientific presentations highlighted ARISE2 and related research, services and impacts in relation to ARISE2.The day was concluded with a demonstration of the ARISE portal and management presentations.
The second day was dedicated to presentations for the press, the general public and non-specialist students. It was concluded with a ARISE splinter session about WP risks, needed reorientations and the value of collocated infrasound and lidar instruments.
The third day was dedicated to a session about strategy and opportunities for collaboration with Reunion Island. The opportunities offered by some relevant calls for proposal were discussed. It was concluded by a ARISE2 strategy session.
Results presented cover areas as diverse as atmospheric dynamics, prototype development and data portal demonstration, procedures for future data assimilation in weather and climate models and the use of ARISE data for civil applications such as remote volcano monitoring.

The fourth workshop of the ARISE2 Design Study was organised in Reunion Island, hosted by NEXA and OSU Réunion. It coincided with Réunion Island’s Geophysical Research Infrastructures (GRIF-RUN) forum, designed to build research collaborations between research in Reunion Island and the world, notably Europe. The event attracted 44 registered attendees.

ARISE2 Prague workshop, Czech Republic, 6-10 March 2017

ARISE2 workshop in Pragye

During the first two days, scientific presentations highlighted research, services and impacts in relation to ARISE2. The third day focused on the strategy for the next steps of the ARISE infrastructure, reporting, and Advisory Board feedback. The fourth day summarised work package progress, work plans, and risk analysis. Finally, the fifth morning was dedicated to thematic working sessions.

This third workshop of the ARISE2 Design Study was organised at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics in Prague. The workshop attracted 41 participants.

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ARISE2 Andoya workshop, Norway, 5-9 September, 2016

The workshop was organized by Andoya Space Center. During the first three days, scientific presentations highlighted research, services and impacts in relation to ARISE2. The fourth day focused on work package progress, work plans, risk analysis, strategy, managerial issues and next steps. Finally, the fifth morning was dedicated to thematic working sessions for WP3 (prototypes and big data), 4 (data standards) and 7 (ARISE data centre).

This second workshop of the ARISE2 Design Study was organised at Andoya Space Center, located within the Arctic Circle in Norway. The workshop attracted 34 participants.

Workshop participants

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ARISE2 Kick-off meeting, Collioure, France, 5-9 October, 2015

ARISE2 Kick-off meeting in Collioure

Organized by CEA, the kick-off meeting of ARISE2 attracted about 46 participants. It was held at Collioure, a lovely coastal town in south of France, 20 kilometers from Spain, on 5-9 Oct 2015.

Topics addressed during the meeting:

  • Observations of the middle and upper atmosphere for the initialization of model forecasts
  • Observations of gravity wave parameters
  • Monitoring of climate-related phenomena
  • Perturbations of the atmosphere-ionosphere induced by thunderstorms
  • Data use to understand better the extreme events
  • Civil security application on extreme events
  • ARISE work plans & strategy

From the scientific presentations, it was very clear that the ARISE research infrastructure will develop many high-impact services such as remote volcano monitoring for aviation safety in case of ash injections in the atmosphere.

More information: ARISE2 Kick-off Meeting

Final ARISE meeting, Grainau, Germany, 1-5 December 2014

Final ARISE meeting in Grainau

The final ARISE meeting was organized by the DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt) and took place at Grainau (Germany) located near the mountain Zugspitze and the city of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. DLR organized an exiting visit at the Earth Observation Center (2650 m) located on the mountain Zugspitze and presented there innovative technologies in the context of atmospheric and climate research.

The workshop covered the main themes of the ARISE program. Participants from all ARISE1 institutes attended the meeting. Among the invited scientists, Chaim Garfinkel (Univ. Baltimore, USA) presented the effect of tropospheric jet latitude on the coupling between the stratospheric polar vortex and the troposphere; Douglas Drob (US Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, USA) presented studies on the monitoring of high-altitude winds using infrasound and on the use of global circulation models to quantify the coupling between the lower, middle, upper atmosphere, and ionosphere, Geir Braathen presented stratospheric observations in WMO's Global Atmosphere Watch Programme (GAW), in the GCOS Reference Upper Air Network (GRUAN) and in the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change (NDACC).

A half day was devoted to the data portal of ARISE. A second half day was devoted to the preparation of the ETN (European Training Network) that was submitted in January 2015.

The main conclusions of the workshop were that deliverables and milestones were mostly on-time and high quality throughout the project and that ARISE actual budget corresponds well to plan.

More Information: Grainau Meeting

Second ARISE workshop, Florence, Italy, 25-28 March 2014

Second ARISE workshop in Florence

The 2nd ARISE meeting was organized by the University of Florence, Italy and took place at Villa La Quiete, in the neighbourhood of Florence.

The workshop covered the main themes of the ARISE program:

  • The monitoring technologies for the middle atmosphere, which make up ARISE (Infrasound, LIDAR, airglow, and the recent contribution of wind radiometers)
  • The use of technologies for the monitoring of extreme events and of atmospheric disturbances
  • The use of technologies for numerical weather prediction and climate simulation
  • Gravity waves: theory and numerical simulations by global or mesoscale models

65 participants from 20 countries attended the meeting. The workshop had a mixed format with oral presentations (23 talks including 3 invited ones), poster presentations (21 posters) and significant amounts of time set aside for discussion. Among the invited scientists, Gelsomina Pappalardo presented the European project ACTRIS (Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace gases Research InfraStructure Network), François Lott presented the French ANR project Stradyvarius (STRAtosphère, DYnamique et VARiabilité), and Constanza Bonadonna gave a presentation on volcanic plumes. A workshop dinner was organised in the centre of Florence where we could exchange views on the current project and its future.

A day and a half were devoted to the ARISE project progress, including the development of the data portal. The advanced data products which will be available on the portal, were defined.

More Information: UNIFI website

ARISE training school, 3-5 June 2013 at the Observatoire de Haute-Provence (France)

ARISE working session at Reading University

The ARISE training school was held at Observatoire de Haute Provence (OHP), France from 3-5 June 2013.

The goal of the training School was to provide information to scientists interested in the large potential of the new ARISE infrastructure, as well as train new teams interested in the installation of stations in their countries.

73 participants from the global scientist community attended to the training School: lectures as well as hands-on exercises and visits to instrument sites were organized in enthusiastic atmosphere. There were daily poster sessions mixed with the oral sessions and best posters were awarded during the gala dinner.

Participants explored several themes:

  • Gravity waves: theory and processing
  • Planetary waves and stratospheric warming
  • Atmospheric tides
  • Temperature trends
  • Atmospheric physics around the mesopause
  • Numerical atmospheric models
  • Temperature measurements from space
  • Lidar techniques and temperature and wind retrieval
  • Infrasound technique and products
  • OH spectrometry and temperature retrieval
  • Microwave technique and wind retrieval

More Information: BIRA-IASB website

First ARISE Workshop,18-21 September 2012 at Reading (UK)

First ARISE workshop in Reading

The first ARISE Workshop was held at the University of Reading near London, UK.

The workshop explored several themes:

  • The three novel monitoring technologies for the middle atmosphere which make up ARISE (Infrasound, LIDAR and airglow observations)
  • How these technologies can be used in concert?
  • The use of the three technologies to monitor extreme events in the Earth system
  • The use of the technologies for numerical weather prediction and for climate simulation
  • The design and maintainance of a network made up of the three technologies

The workshop had a mixed format with invited and submitted oral presentations, submitted poster presentations and significant amounts of time set aside for discussion in small break-out groups.

The first ARISE workshop was a great success:

  • 62 participants attended of which:
    • - 60% were full partners
      - 40% were associated members or others.
  • Very opened presentations of ARISE project progress and future plans were given.
  • 33 presentations and posters on key ARISE topics were shared.
  • Plenty of fruitful discussions between partners and outside scientists took place during breaks and poster sessions.
  • A tour of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) was organized.

In addition, invited talks were given by:

  • Ted Shepherd (University of Reading)
  • Anu Dudhia (Oxford University)
  • Milton Garces (Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology)

More Information: Reading website

ARISE Kickoff Meeting, Les Vaux de Cernay, France, 9-11 January 2012

ARISE kickoff meeting

The ARISE Kickoff Meeting was held at the Vaux de Cernay Abbaye near southern Paris in France, on 9-11 Jan 2012.

The aims of this meeting was:

  • to start collaboration between the different groups
  • to precise the work to be performed in the different work packages
  • to define the measurement campaigns and start campaign organization
  • to precise priorities and define the work schedule for the project deliverables
  • to discuss next project meetings
  • to discuss ARISE strategy

More Information:

More information: BIRA-IASB website