ARISE Project

It has been robustly demonstrated that variations in the circulation of the middle atmosphere influence weather and climate throughout the troposphere all the way to the Earth's surface. A key part of the coupling between the troposphere and stratosphere occurs through the propagation and breaking of planetary-scale Rossby waves and gravity waves. Limited observation of the middle atmosphere and these waves in particular limits the ability to faithfully reproduce the dynamics of the middle atmosphere in numerical weather prediction and climate models.

ARISE combines for the first time international networks with complementary technologies such as infrasound, lidar, airglow, radar systems, ionospheric observations and satellites. This joint network provides advanced data products used as benchmarks for weather forecast models. The ARISE network also allows enhanced and detailed observations of other extreme events in the Earth system, such as erupting volcanoes, magnetic storms, tornadoes and tropical thunderstorms, for a better understanding of underlying physical processes and future monitoring for civil applications.

ARISE project Europe
ARISE middle atmospheric dynamics - Linking observations and models

In order to improve the ability of the network to monitor atmospheric dynamics, ARISE proposes to improve i) the existing network coverage in Africa and the high latitudes, ii) the altitude range in the stratosphere and mesosphere, iii) the observation duration using routine observation modes, and to use complementary existing infrastructures and innovative instrumentations.

The aim of ARISE is to provide observations and models for future assimilation of data by operational weather forecasting models in the perspective of improving weather forecasting to monthly or seasonal timescales.

The aim is also to provide multidisciplinary data and tools to process and analyse atmospheric extreme events and climate change. Among the applications, ARISE proposes infrasound remote volcano monitoring to provide notifications to civil aviation.

ARISE project Europe
ARISE - Atmospheric dynamics Research Infrastructure in Europe