ARISE2 Kickoff Meeting

ARISE2 (Atmospheric dynamics Research InfraStructure in Europe) aims at establishing a unique atmospheric research and data platform in Europe. It will combine observations from several technologies (infrasound, lidar, airglow, radars, ionospheric observations and satellites) with theoretical and modeling studies to elucidate the dynamics of the middle and upper atmosphere. The collected data are required to improve weather forecasting to monthly or seasonal scales, remote volcano monitoring, climate monitoring and other applications.

The goal of the ARISE2 Kickoff Meeting is to promote the field of atmospheric sciences. It is also a way to gather all the institutes and universities to share information in the future advances that will be made under the second ARISE2 project. The meeting will include both daily lectures and poster sessions


Topics addressed during the meeting:

  • Observations of the middle and upper atmosphere for the initialization of model forecasts
  • Observations of gravity wave parameters
  • Monitoring of climate-related phenomena
  • Perturbations of the atmosphere-ionosphere induced by thunderstorms
  • High quality data from ground to mesosphere and ionosphere to better understand extreme events
  • Civil security application on extreme events